WWIB’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

…not least because there was that sense of deja vu as the Omicron variant seems to be dishing out lots of early Christmas presents!  But that was never going to be enough to put off the suited and boosted (do you see what I did there? I hope you enjoyed that novel use of cliche combined with satire…..) business women of Wimbledon the opportunity to have their first Christmas do for two years.  Big thanks to the Rose and Crown in Wimbledon village  for hosting us in the lovely sheltered and heated outside space at the back of the pub.  
We really had a good time enjoying mulled wine on the house, lovely nibbles (especially the chips and Christmassy sweet treats at the end) and catching up with old friends and new, whilst generally making the most of seeing each other face to face.  Let’s hope the spectre looming over us, of increased restrictions, doesn’t come to pass.
As we come to the end of another year of unprecedented madness, all that remains to be said is have a very Happy Christmas and fingers crossed for a 2022 that sees us return to our normal lives.

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