WWIB all going on a summer holiday. (This time in the immortal words of Sir Cliff Richard….)

For a moment there, we thought we may actually get to see each other face to face.  But alas, even with the best laid plans, it is not to be.  As the guidance is still only allowing up to 6 people from different households to meet, even outside, our idea for drinks and nibbles on the grass provided by our  usual hosts (The Hand in Hand in Wimbledon) has become another COVID related victim.  But, as lockdown continues to ease and our businesses come out of hibernation, we still have a couple of summer months left, to visit family and friends we haven’t seen for months, and maybe, just maybe some us will be going on a summer holiday.

The members of WWIB generally don’t meet in July and August – and this year will be no exception after all.  We will however always remain optimistic and hope we will meet each other to catch up, offer mutual support and have some fun on 9 September, when we should be back at the Hand in Hand, raising our face coverings as well as a glass of wine, to say welcome back to the real world.  Even if it is a little different from the one we left behind, in March, all those months ago.

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