Who’s Zooming Who? In the immortal words of Aretha Franklin

The Wimbledon Women in Business.  That’s who!!

The resilient women of Wimbledon are more than up for the fight against Coronavirus and weren’t going to let the small matter of social distancing and a lock down get in the way of their monthly meeting.  So, on 1 April, Mary Bautista-Harman, our IT guru from ITWorsFine, hosted our first (but almost certainly not last) Zoom meeting.  It was great to get together in the virtual world, chew the cud, offer mutual support in these even more difficult times (who imagined that anything could trump Brexit….) and think how we might use our virtual meetings going forward.

So, ladies, don’t forget our next virtual get together on 6 May 2020.  Valerie McBride-Munro, better known as Auntie Planty will be Zooming in with us with some great tips and advice on home gardening.  What could be better, given we will probably all have more time this spring than ever before to get our gardens, balconies or window boxes into great shape for the summer ahead.  Hopefully she’ll have some great tips on where to order plants from online, in the absence of being able to browse the local garden centres.

We also hope to have other special guests joining us on the 6th May so keep an eye on your email for further updates.

Look forward to seeing you soon, until then stay home, stay safe and stay well.

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