Flood, Fire, Pestilence and BREXIT

The hardy business women of Wimbledon were not going to let the small matter of the Corona Virus get in the way of their open networking   event on 4 February.  Thanks to Eileen Barry and TWM Solicitors, we safely held our first “mass participation” event of the year at their newly refurbished offices.  We can all vouch for their quality handwashing facilities, of which we made good use on arrival!!  It also helped that one of our visiting participants was Jen Craven from Wimbledon First Aid and Training  who offers tailor made training in first aid and life support.  With the wealth of experience and services (and Jen) in the room, we knew we were in safe hands!

As well  as our current members (and Jen!),  it was also  good to welcome  back  returning member, artist Meltem Quinlan and massage therapist Alison Easton, who we hope will consider joining us.  Let’s hope that by the next time we meet, we will be back in a more certain world. 


However, one thing that is certain, in this world that is currently throwing all sorts of curve balls at us (flood, fire, pestilence and BREXIT) is the stable force of WWIB with a membership which continues to support each other, no matter what.

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