A WWIB Meeting with Style!

We had our first meeting back at the Hand in Hand following it’s refurbishment on 15 May; and what a great meeting it was.  Fifteen members and 3 guests  enjoyed a presentation by stylist Judi Lockard, introduced to the group by Sarah Austin of the Really Helpful Club.

Judi introduced us to the power of colour and understanding our body shapes in order to develop our own personal styles.  It really got us thinking about how to get colour and clothing right, not just to look great but also to fit in with lifestyle.  By taking her clients through a colour analysis, Judi will make sure they are able to make purchases based on a colour palette that will make the most of their hair and eye colour, along with skin tone.  She will also look at body shape (we learned that we are all either a circle, rectangle, oval, hourglass, triangle or inverted triangle) and give advice on clothing style to make the most of their best attributes and hide any “problem areas”! 

She also reminded us that style will always prevail over fashion and trend, but nevertheless, it is interesting to know what they are in any current season.  So it was good to note that floral and animal prints, polka dots, neon and pastel shades along with floaty dresses and skirts are all in this summer.

Not only that all of that, but she offered all WWIB members a 20% discount on colour analysis, wardrobe styling and personal shopping, so what are you waiting for?

Blog post by:  Peta Cottee, Partners in Time.  
  Lifestyle Management and Business Support for busy people. 

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