WWIB – making new connections!

Our thanks to everyone who came to last week’s meeting at Rosie Q’s.  Another great turnout of members and guests, it was super to see so many new faces and so much interest from local business owners wanting to get involved with WWIB.  Lots of lively chat and conversation with useful contacts and business relationships also being made.

WWIB is a friendly networking forum for local business women.  Its purpose is to provide an environment in which members can share their experiences, discuss and resolve common business issues, whilst simultaneously building a reliable network of business contacts. It really stands out from other networking groups and has such a friendly and supportive vibe.

At our meetings we invite a fellow WWIB member or guest to give a talk about their business and to share their experiences with us.  It’s so interesting to hear someone’s story.

Guest Speaker: Nancy Steidl

We were very lucky to have Nancy Steidl, founder of The Business Mission, at last week’s meeting.  Originally from Canada, Nancy has spent over 20 years living in the UK.  Nancy helps and advises businesses to develop their full business potential.  Nancy gave us a very insightful and entertaining talk sharing her experiences and wisdom about the importance of creating a solid foundation for your business and ensuring you set yourself a business plan.  Forward planning is everything.  Otherwise, if you don’t outline your aims, how do you know if you’ve achieved your goals?   Click HERE to find out more.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 15th May at 7.30pm at the newly refurbished Hand in Hand in Wimbledon Village.  Please contact Sara Thain (sara@gtbusinessservices.co.uk) to let her know if you can make it. Have a great Easter!

Blog post by:   Sarah Austin, Founder of the Really Helpful Club, an online community that supports and connects one another in both our personal and business lives.  To find out more and to join click on Really Helpful Club

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